Gateway Music is a family business formed in 2013 by Wodonga brothers Bruce and Graeme Cook.

Their goal is to provide a positive, supportive environment in which musicians and performers of all ages and levels can develop through encouragement, enjoyment and performance opportunities.

Music performance experience together with vast contacts in the Australian and International music industry via development of the JAZZ basement, provide them with endless scope and opportunities to share knowlege with our local community.

Gateway Music will provide its students access to a number of highly experienced musicians, music educators, performers and technicians, thus catering to a broad range of education needs.

They will also instigate varied workshop and performance opportunities with professional musicians and performers.

Collectively, on offer is an array of knowlege and skills that will enable Gateway Music to develop into a vibrant learning centre, integral to Wodonga, Gateway Village and the wider community.

gateway music

all ages and skill levels