trumpet : cornet : trombone : tuba : euphonium : tenor horn : baritone


Brass playing has seen a renewed popularity among young musicians and is a great way to participate in local community and school brass or concert bands. Playing and working together with other musicians is an important part of musical development.  Whether you are a beginner player or just wishing to brush up on some skills, Graeme will provide encouragement and apply his years of knowledge to help make you a better all round musician.

He also offers teacher PD lessons and will assist with ensemble reading skills.


Receive CORRECT technical instruction from a working musician to eliminate

negative health consequences and to maximise full playing potential


Learn practical music theory, reading skills and positive practice habits to ensure performance improvement.


Quote : when seeking lessons as an adult or for a child ensure that the teacher has credibility and can actually play their instrument well. Glossy CV's are not enough. Do some research before you part with your money and precious time.


gateway music

all ages and skill levels